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Surgical rhinoplasty

Bridge of the nose  is located in the center of the face. High and delicate nose bridge makes face more beautiful and subtle. It does not need to take a long time to makeup, you still can own balance and straight nose through the “miracle” of modern Beauty technology.

Rhinoplasty in aesthetic surgery

As the methods using filler material (silicon imported from the US or autologous cartilage) to produce high, serene nose shape. Rhinoplasty by surgery is usually performed in 30-40 minutes, not leaving scars or serious complications with the unsurpassed performance lasting forever.

  • S-line Rhinoplasty: This is advanced and the most popular rhinoplasty method today. It can be applied to any treatment of shaping nose, S-line rhinoplasty creates perfect and beautiful shape of nose in each millimeter, with a high nose bridge and a natural curvature, the nose of the A letter is slim and nose of lemon seed is elegant.
  • Rhinoplasty with cartilage wrap: Using autologous cartilage completely friendly to the body, Rhinoplasty with cartilage wrap creates slim shape, limiting shiny red nose or exposing bridge of the nose. This method is suitable for customers having already beautiful nose shape but still wanting to beautify or improve the height of nose or revise nose after surgery fails.
  • Korean rhinoplasty: Korean rhinoplasty is the primary surgery performed relatively quick and simple, creating high and soft nose shape without stripping much the nose, minimizing encroachment and damage to the nose.
  • Structural Rhinoplasty: Being the comprehensive orthopaedic surgery for nose creating high, delicate, harmonious and naturally beautiful nose shape, including tip of the nose, core of the nose and bridge of the nose. A particular breakout of this service is that the customer will be created structural tip of the nose, outlining the new nose shape from the outside so that the doctor can exploit the strengths of each individual nose shape and create the most suitable nose.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty

Beside methods of using surgical rhinoplasty, you can still get beautiful nose shape without surgery. Although without permanent lasting effect (only lasting 1-2 years), these methods are particularly safe, non-invasive, painless, quick implementation time and have immediate results.

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  • Rhinoplasty with Ultra V Lift yarn: This is the method of implanting high quality yarn into bridge of the nose to improve the height, collapsing nose tip and adjust nose to the most harmonious shape. The yarn used is polydioxanone yarn certified by US FDA, its ability is self consumption, leaving no sequelae. Especially after entering the body, the yarn continues to stimulate collagen production several months later, to maintain long-term aesthetic effect.
  • Rhinoplasty with Restylane: Originating from Sweden, Restylane is a filling material similar to hyaluronic acid in the human body, completely safe and non-irritating. Restylane help to adjust desired nose shape as: improving bridge of the nose, lingering bridge of the nose, slimming nostrils and tip of the nose, shaping beautiful and natural nose as real nose.