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Spa relaxation

In the current life with multiple pressures, the moments to relax and rest become the “golden moment” for the body to be loaded new energy, new vitality. The physical, skin caring therapies are also important to preserve the beauty and youthfulness for each person

Skin care: Skin is one of the parts most vulnerable by environmental factors thus it needs a meticulous and professional skin care regime. Facial skin care, eye skin care, aging skin care, instant skin lightening, mineral mud bath, exfoliation with sea salt, rose masking, … are the perfect therapies providing nutrients to make skin smooth, youthful but absolutely safe as well, not causing any adverse effects for skin and health. Sothys exclusive technology also offers optimum efficiency in many treatments and be absolutely skin-friendly.


White Shower

White Shower: Not peeling hairs, not removing hairs and not causing hairs yellow, white shower is the process providing super nutrients to the skin to become brightly white, deeply soft from inside right from the first bath. Using natural materials: coconut milk, pearl, vitamin C, herbal, … white shower maintains long-term result, while stimulating the production of cells, collagen to make the skin healthy and strong. Also protect against the effects of the natural environment.



Massage: Gently, softly, body massage is the “dose” for the best cure, not only making the skin and body toned, healthy and beautiful, but also enhancing blood circulation, making nerves refreshed and relaxed. Thai massage and Swedish massage have the ability to help remove blockages in the meridians, promote circulation of the blood, support the treatment of diseases such as headache, back pain, sciatica or diseases related to digestive, respiratory, …

The relaxing Spa treatments are used with skin care and treatment products imported from foreign countries (USA, Korea) with natural extracts nourishing skin from deeply inside, without irritating or side effects. Specifically, our team of experienced professionals with beautiful and luxurious space offer customers to experience the most perfect salon services.