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Shaping the lips and cheeks

Along with the eyes, lips are one of the notable highlights on each person’s face. A lovely lips coated with charming lipstick can “absorb” all the glances of the others, giving richer beauty and vitality.

Shaping lips by surgery

Not everyone born has owned harmonized and beautiful lips. The shortcomings as thick, rough, thin lips, unclear edges of the lips make women feel to lack of confidence in communication and life. Aesthetic Technology is a perfect solution to shape beautifully permanent lips.


Creating Sweet Lip

  • Creating Sweet Lip: Curled and haughty heart-shaped lips are the envy of many girls around the world. Plastic Surgeon for heart lips is implemented in 20-30 minutes, causes less pain, shapes plump, crisp and naturally beautiful lips. Depending on the condition of the lips that the surgery is performed on the upper lip, lower lip or both lips.
  • Collapsing lips: Is the method applicable to people with thick, dark and unbalanced lips, collapse lips is cutting the mucosa of the lips to narrow, creating lovely crisp lips. Lips after surgery will become soft, symmetrical, beautiful in harmony with the contours of the face.
  • Creating smiling lips: The trend of creating smiling lips is preferred by many people by the ability to erase hanging down lips, cause your lips slightly up as smiling, make the face more fresh and radiant. This particular method is painless, does not cause blood loss and leave no scars with the aesthetic effect for lifelong.

Shaping lips without surgery

Shaping lips without surgery

  • Creating heart-shaped lips by Restylane: Widely used in aesthetic technology, Restylane is the filling material completely safe and friendly to the body. Restylane is injected adroitly to lips, instantly filling volume of lips, erasing wrinkles, pushing philtrum higher, helping lips more plump. With just a 5-10 minute treatment, the therapy will help rejuvenate lips for women, make naturally pink lips, reduce black bruises, contour of the lips and the heart shape will be more clearly. However, this solution is only applicable to thin lips and effectiveness only lasts 1-2 years.

Forming Dimples

Besides, forming dimples is also one of the services getting much attention today. With modern aesthetic technology, creating dimples is minor surgery be operated relatively simply, quickly on the basis of the cohesion between skin and cheek muscle, the muscle contraction will pull the skin inside creating charming dimples. This technique can be applied to everyone, especially not requiring special care regime.