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Shaping the lips and cheeks

Along with the eyes, lips are one of the notable highlights on each person’s face. A lovely lips coated with charming lipstick can “absorb” all the glances of the others, giving richer beauty and vitality. Shaping lips by surgery Not everyone born has owned harmonized and beautiful lips. The shortcomings as thick, rough, thin lips,… Chi tiết »

Breast augmentation surgery

phẫu thuật nâng ngực

Not only being the place to create the own beauty of every woman, the breast is also a place to express noble motherhood. The shortcomings like small, sagging, indented breasts or enlarged nipple can now be solved easily by modern Beauty endoscopic technology. Endoscopic breast augmentation: Being capable of improving the breasts with small size,… Chi tiết »

Surgical rhinoplasty

Bridge of the nose  is located in the center of the face. High and delicate nose bridge makes face more beautiful and subtle. It does not need to take a long time to makeup, you still can own balance and straight nose through the “miracle” of modern Beauty technology. Rhinoplasty in aesthetic surgery As the… Chi tiết »

Eye and eyelid surgery

Not everyone is born with the “gift endowed” bright eyes with plump, crisp eyelids. Just by the simple minor surgery, you will dispel any worry and expect a new face with the  glitter, glamor “windows of the soul”. Eyelid cling in Korean style: Is the modern technology creating sharp eyelids easily and quickly by creating… Chi tiết »

Maxillofacial Surgery

The face is the convergence of beautiful lines making up the apprearance of each person. The intervention measures on the face does not only create natural, beautiful, symmetrical face, but also bring pleasure, confidence for customers. V-line Chin Implant: V-line chin is one of the “hot” beauty trends now. V-line chin padding completely overcomes structural… Chi tiết »