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Maxillofacial Surgery

The face is the convergence of beautiful lines making up the apprearance of each person. The intervention measures on the face does not only create natural, beautiful, symmetrical face, but also bring pleasure, confidence for customers.


V-line Chin Implant

V-line Chin Implant: V-line chin is one of the “hot” beauty trends now. V-line chin padding completely overcomes structural limitations of poor chin shape, creating forever perfect beautiful V-shaped chin. V-line Chin Implant Surgery should be carried out by a team of highly skilled doctors, ensuring absolute safety, does not leave any trace of complications.


V-line Chin Implant in Korean style

V-line Chin Implant in Korean style: Being advanced technique by Korean technology, this method is done by putting pieces of the material (implant) into the bone beneath the chin through mucosal of lips, fixing to shape proportioned, slim chin in harmony with the face. V-line Chin Implant in Korean style is a relatively simple treatment, just anesthetizing in the implementation process, ensuring not to leave scars or injury to you.


V-line jaw sharpening

V-line jaw sharpening: Suitable for those with square, less aesthetic chin, V-line jaw sharpening cuts jaw bone vertically from the angle of the jaw to horizontal branch of jaw bone and removes enlarged jaw angle without producing bone powder so it does not leave scars and absolutely safe. At the same time, it forms pretty and delicate face.


V-line chin sharpening

V-line chin sharpening: Almost similar to the method of V-line jaw sharpening, V-line chin sharpening removes jaw angles in 2 sides and moves chin into suitable position, making slim, gorgeous chin, with absolutely no scars or traces. V-line chin sharpening does not need the support of the filler material in the chin shaping, ensuring no complications or unintended side effects.


Chin sharpening in Korean style

Chin sharpening in Korean style: Nor using filler material, Chin sharpening in Korean style is performed through a small incision below the chin, to redress skewed chin, jutting chin, too long chin. Through endoscopy devices helping to magnify repeatedly every facial features (like jaw angle, blood vessels, nerves …) helping doctors control and regulate the entire technical operation of the surgery process and ensuring absolute safety, limiting swelling and no pain for customers.

In addition to chin shaping surgery, balanced jawbone surgery, there are also some other beauty techniques, forming a few lines to make face more perfect.


Creating dimpled chin

Creating dimpled chin: Being minor surgery performed simply and rapidly, creating dimpled chin supplements graceful beauty on the face and overcomes weaknesses of receding chin, thin chin … Right after performing, customers can turn back to the normal activities, without special relaxation method.


Lowering cheekbones

Lowering cheekbones: Using advanced ultrasonic bone cutting machine, lowering cheekbones will lower cheekbones to the suitable position correctly, not grinding bone, not hurting the maxillary sinus, no infection and absolutely safe. After surgery, the cheek becomes not only balancing but also harmonious, slim and more glamorous.


Creating temporal areas

  • Creating temporal areas: The method of creating temporal areas is performed to change the shape and size of the temporal areas. Making sunken, rough or coarse temporal areas become balanced and flat in order to make plump, symmetrical, harmonious face. Creating temporal areas can be performed by injecting Restylane fillers (Sweden) or using filler material capable of highly forming, bringing lasting aesthetic effect.