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Xuan Huong Beauty Salon

“The place of women in faith”


That is the guiding principle of operation of Xuan Huong Beauty Salon JSC for more than 20 years of development, and now, when becoming the leading prestige Beauty Salon in Vietnam, Xuan Huong Beauty Salon has been improving in all aspects to really become the destination of women, deserve to be chosen as the place to “Entrusting confidence”.

Established since the early of the 90s, when the concept of beauty was quite alien to the majority of women, Xuan Huong Beauty was the enthusiasm of a young girl who was full of passion and enthusiasm of her, of Dang Thi Xuan Huong’s life.


Aesthetics, acumen in her business as well as diligence, hard working and endowed talented hands , Xuan Huong had captured, satisfied the beauty needs of women, developed Xuan Huong Beauty from a small beauty enterprise with only a few staff to become Xuan Huong Beauty Salon JSC with a large team of skilled technicians with the address: No. 22, Trieu Viet Vuong street


We can say with confidence that, Xuan Huong Beauty is one of the aesthetic centers with a history of the most sustainable development in Vietnam. With the fledgling aesthetic in Vietnam at present, there rarely is any beauty salon with “the age” of more than 20 years as Xuan Huong Beauty. Besides, the young girl Xuan Huong has now become a successful, noble lady, but still no shortage of beautiful strokes, this has made the “soul” for the atmosphere of Xuan Huong Beauty, helped the atmosphere be very different with other aesthetic centers.


With the ever-present smile on her lips, Xuan Huong has always been thoughtfully caring for customer advisory to each smallest service, with her, in addition to customer care, Xuan Huong still regarded customers as friends, her greatest wish is to help women, heir friends to be more beautiful, lasting the youth. There is hardly any hostess on duty throughout the day at Beauty Centre, painting lip contour, each eyebrows by herself… then meticulously, carefully refining each stroke, each tattoo as Mrs. Xuan Huong. Therefore, customers that once came to Xuan Huong Beauty will return to the second, third … and many times after that, though the South or the North, whether provincial or capital, and overseas compatriots throughout the continents, they always come to Xuan Huong Beauty whenever coming to Ha Noi and having beaty demand.


No. 22 Trieu Viet Vuong Street – the 7-floor building with a total area of over 1000m2 – is the address of Xuan Huong Beauty and a new breakthrough in the mission to help to increase the confidence of women in the field of beauty at Xuan Huong Beauty. From the beginning, when embarking on the design, Xuan Huong in particular and Xuan Huong Beauty JSC in general have worked with a team of architects to design the building to be not only beautiful, splendid, but also be consistent with the purpose of using specialized beauty, serving women. Each individual floor, service area will help customers feel at ease, comfortable and really relaxed, happy with the facility on coming to No. 22 Trieu Viet Vuong.

The building No.22 Trieu Viet Vuong includes: Xuan Huong Beauty and Specialty clinic for aesthetic surgery in professionally charge by Dr. Tran Van Be will satify the full range of beauty services to customers such as melasma, freckled treament with Yag laser technology, cosmetic tattoo spraying, pitted scars treatment by Fractional CO2 laser machine, Massage by Oxygen Zenjet machine, S-line rhinoplasty, eyelid clinging in Korean style. All are aimed at bringing satisfaction to customers.


Customers can be assured of quality service, reasonable prices, there are often attractive incentive programs as well as customer care regime after using the service at No.22 Trieu Viet Vuong. We are committed to always satisfy the customer’s needs, even the smallest.

Xuan Huong Beauty has gained many numerous achievements, valuable prizes:

  • Golden hand cup
  • Kiness Golden Cup by Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social
  • Golden Symbol for community healthcare career
  • Golden Award Cup of excellent quality for health and beauty
  • Certificate of Merit of Top 10 brands outstanding for the career of public health care (Department of Health – Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations)
  • Golden Board of Fame: Top 10 brands outstanding for the cause of public health care

We have been and will continue to endeavor and strive to become trusted address of beauty for customers.

Address: No. 22 Trieu Viet Vuong street – Hai Ba Trung disitrict – Hanoi

Tel: 84-4-3513 1716, 84-4-3941 3333 – 84-4-3511 4042

Mobile: 0913 522 749 – Hotline: 1800 6999