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Eye and eyelid surgery

Not everyone is born with the “gift endowed” bright eyes with plump, crisp eyelids. Just by the simple minor surgery, you will dispel any worry and expect a new face with the  glitter, glamor “windows of the soul”.

  • Eyelid cling in Korean style: Is the modern technology creating sharp eyelids easily and quickly by creating the link between eyelid muscles and eyelid skin. Is performed in approximately 15-20 minutes, Eyelid cling in Korean style is painless and does not affect eye sight and completely without downtime. This technique is often applied to people under 30 years old without shade and fat eyelids, with the efficiency for many years.
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  • Eyelid cutting in Korean style: Be implemented relatively quickly, Eyelid cutting in Korean style removes the surplus skin and fat, and create a small cut on the eyelids to create the second eyelids. Therefore, results is not only the removal of excess skin, excess fat but also the 2 beautiful natural eyelids. Eyelid cutting in Korean style can be specified on the upper eyelid, lower eyelids, or both eyelids, effectiveness lasts forever.
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  • Raising eyebrow: The skin on aging eyebrow is often flabby, flowing down, making eyes more tired and older. Minor surgery raising the eyebrow with the ability to remove loose skin around the eyes, improve vision, shape delicate eyebrows, fix or remove old and dim eyebrows tattoo without leaving scars or traces and downtime.
  • Retrieving eye puffiness endoscopy: Applying advanced technology from Korea, retrieving eye puffiness endoscopy does not cause damage to the eyelid muscle or corneas. After removing the fat from a sting by endoscopic equipment, the eyelids will stretch the back, absolutely will not bleed, suitable for all customers who have demand of retrieving eye puffiness and do not want to undergo surgery or the touch of cutlery.
  • Expanding the eye corner: Being possible to overcome weaknesses of small eyes, slanted eyes, uneven eyes, Expanding the eye corner creates a small incision of about 1.5 cm from the corner of eye, from that removing excess skin in the triangle. Also adjusting the tear glands and then stitching up by a dedicated beauty thread. Although being not too complicated, this minor surgery requires doctors to be especially skillful in the process because eyes are the vulnerable parts. When this technique is carried out successfully, it will help significantly increase the size of the eyes, big round eyes, shining brilliantly on the face.
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The minor surgery for the eyes and eyelids are relatively simple but they need to be implemented meticulously because any small injury can also affect vision. After the implementation, the result will be as standard: round, plump 2-eyelid eyes without eye puffiness, the skin around the eyes will be smooth without wrinkles, the eyebrows are delicate and neat.