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Cosmetic tattooing

Lips and eyebrows are impressive points on the face, making up the elegant, sexy beauty, and attracting the others. The services in spraying – embroidery – cosmetic tattoos, making eyebrows, lips, eyelids charming, natural and in harmony with the other facial contours.


Cosmetic tattooing

  • Eyebrows tattoo spraying: As techniques using a dedicated tool to spray all of the ink in the forward of the eyebrows. Eyebrow shape and color will be chosen up to expectations accordingly and in harmony with the customer’s face.
  • cosmetic-tattooing-2

    Eyebrows tattoo spraying

  • Eyebrow embroidered spraying: Similar to spraying, but instead of spraying ink, professionals will embroider each strand of eyebrows in the forward of the Eyebrow shape. Eyebrows been meticulously embroidering sprayed will naturally beautiful and glamorous.
  • cosmetic-tattooing-3

    Eyebrow embroidered spraying

  • Eyebrow Sculpting: Using the tattoo ink be imported from the US, while conducting eyebrow sculpting, experts will sculpt eyebrow strands alternating with real eyebrows, create a sense of pretty, natural authentic,without spending a lot of time of making up.
  • cosmetic-tattooing-4

    Eyebrow embroidered spraying

  • Eyebrow powdered Spraying: Overcoming other tattoo spraying techniques, Eyebrow powdered Spraying does not cause pain with features of that fine powder layer is covered under the ink. The powder is the tattoo ink in powder form endorsed ultrafinely, naturally extracted, penetrated quickly making eyebrows smooth and natural as being there.
  • cosmetic-tattooing-5

    Eyebrow powdered Spraying

  • Lips tattoo spraying: Lip cosmetic tattooing is the relatively simple and absolutely safe technique. Lips tattoo spraying not only makes full and attractive lips with impressive lip colors in any condition but also helps to create sensual lips or fix other defects on the lips as: dark lips, distorted lip, blurred lips …
  • cosmetic-tattooing-6

    Lips tattoo spraying

  • Eyelids tattoo spraying: This is a form of eyelid makeup like drawing eyelashes with liner pencil but the color is stored in a long time, the eyes become round and sharper. This technique must be done skillfully, subtly in order to make rim of eyelids look how you want but absolutely does not affect the initial eye contour.
  • cosmetic-tattooing-7

    Eyelids tattoo spraying

The technique of tattto spraying, embroidering spraying, powdered sparying are used with premium ink imported from the United States, ensure friendly and non-irritating to the skin. With a rich color palette of fashion: western brown, smoky brown, dark brown, chocolate, … (on Eyebrows), crystal pink, light pink, bright red, red orange, … (for lips), cosmetic tattooing allows customers to choose designs and eyebrow colors, lip colors in the most harmonious with the face, giving seductive beauty, youthfulness for each person.