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Breast augmentation surgery

Not only being the place to create the own beauty of every woman, the breast is also a place to express noble motherhood. The shortcomings like small, sagging, indented breasts or enlarged nipple can now be solved easily by modern Beauty endoscopic technology.

    • Endoscopic breast augmentation: Being capable of improving the breasts with small size, endoscopic breast augmentation offers plump breasts with natural beauty and long term efficiency. This is also the advanced method that shall be effected gently, safely and do not cause complications like breast enhancement methods before.
    • Saggy breast augmentation: Saggy breast augmentation is a simply minor surgery so before performing, doctors only make local anesthesia, then using beauty yarn to hang breasts, creating firmness, plumpness for breasts but absolutely no pain or any discomfort, especially not leaving bad scars. After minor surgery, the breats is not sagging, wrinkled anymore and becomes toned, naturally proportioned with the body shape.
    • Miniaturing nipple: Miniaturing nipple surgery is modern endoscopy technique which is painless, leaves no scars and does not affect the function of the breast. Nipples after miniaturing will be compact, harmonious with chest, naturally beautiful as expected, allowing lasting aesthetic effect.
    • Pulling slipped nipple: The surgery of pulling slipped nipple at the Xuan Huong beauty salon helps customers quickly regain normal and balancing nipple between the two sides, restore function of breastfeeding and help you feel more confident in your life. Small incisions are stitched with absorbable suture blending into natural color of the nipple, not leaving any trace of scars after post-surgical and offerring perfect results.
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Improving safety in aesthetic breast Xuan Huong

The modern aesthetic method of breast endoscopy are performed under standard procedures of the Ministry of Health to ensure absolute security, less painful, not leaving scars or Beauty traces. After surgery, the customer can return to normal activities, does not take much downtime.