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Beauty Skin Treatment

“First shape, second skin”, the clean and smooth without blemish skin is the dream of every girl. Therefore, women are always looking for ways to eliminate the “enemies” of the skin: warts, moles, pigmentation, freckles, scars, …

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Melasma treatment

  • Melasma treatment: Melasma is brown or deep yellow spots appearing on the skin, they often concentrate on the two sides of cheek, nose, forehead, chin.The most radical treatment of melasma is Lucid Q – PTP laser. As the latest generation of laser, Lucid Q- PTP is a combination of two intelligent wavelength – 532nm and 1064nm deeply impacting on the skin layers beneath the skin, eliminating 95% of the hyperpigmentation without skin bruising and scar. Additionally, Lucid Q – PTP is capable of stimulating collagen under the skin, making skin regenerate quickly, becoming firmer, naturally rosy.
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Freckles treatment

  • Freckles treatment: In addition to Melasma, Lucid Q – PTP is also particularly effective in treating freckles after only 1 treatment session in about 30 minutes. The ability to adjust the wavelength reasonably which is appropriate to each individual’s skin condition of Lucid Q – PTP not only does not hurt the skin but also makes skin brighter and smoother.
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Scar Treatment

  • Scar Treatment: The scar is also one of the reason that makes face become less charming and attractive. In particular, acne scars, indented scars, pitted scars can be thoroughly treated by CO2 Fractional Laser technology. Co2 Fractional Laser wavelength is not only effective for the treatment of pitted scars, indented scars, acne scars but also has stimulating effect on the production of collagen to nourish and regenerate skin in the most effective way.

Particularly with keloids, the injecting directly Corticosteroids into the scar tissue will help soften the fiber structures of scars, keloid scars will gradually collapse and disappear completely. Based on the mechanism of keloid formation, Corticosteroid is taken into the dermis – where creating collagen to inhibit alpha2-macroglobulin (a substance that has the effect of inhibiting collagenase). Thus, the amount of collagenase in the keloid will increase and thereby degenerating the surplus benign collagen creating keloids.

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  • Waxing: Using biological light has been certified by the US FDA, the New E-light light technology is capable of penetrating deeply to the pores, removing up to 95% of hairs, while purifying dead skin, resistant to inflammation, preventing hair back and promoting the regeneration of skin smooth and firm. This technology can be applied to treat the body parts: face, mustache, hands, feet, armpits, genital area.
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Acne treatment

  • Acne treatment: Not only effective in the treatment of scars, Fractional CO2 Laser technology is also capable of radical treatment of pterygium and stubborn warts but affects the surrounding skin areas. Meanwhile, minor acnes, nodulocystic acnes, blackheads can be treated thoroughly because of the technology of Oxy – Led directly impacting into acne cores, breaking structure, destroying resource of acnes, removing acnes thoroughly in the shortest time.

Also, Peeling is also evaluated as one of the safest treatments for intensive acnes. This is a combination of I Peel essence and Led light. In particular, I Peel essence will goes deeply into the skin, stripping and dissolving, fading the bruises on the skin, while the LED light effects on the skin to accelerate the production of collagen as well as new cells to thoroughly treat bruises left by acnes.

New E-light Lighting technology is particularly effective in treating comedones. The lighting New – Elight of new generation, the thin laser beam with suitable wavelengths will invade deeply inside and remove factors producing acnes thoroughly. After the therapy, it is assured that comedones will be permanently eliminated.

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Mole Remover

  • Mole Remover: Mole Removal Service with CO2 laser technology is a method of effective mole remover which does not need surgery. Treatment with this method is usually performed relatively easily, quickly, leaving no scars and does not make moles turn back.
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Pore minimizing

  • Pore minimizing: Fractional CO2 Laser technology using a wavelength of more than 10.600nm is capable of controlling and restrictingthe sebaceous glands, shrinking pores effectively after the implementation process immediately. The wavelength of laser impacts on the mesoderm, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin to help increase skin elasticity and shrink pores, making skin smooth, incredibly bright white.
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Tattoo removing

  • Tattoo removing: Unlike previous tattoo removing as dermabrasion or skin peeling making the tattoo only be dimmed without radical tattoo removal, Tattoo Removal Technology by Yag laser is a perfect solution bringing safety, efficiency to the skin. In particular, this method does not cause skin infections after tattoo removal, “blowing” tattoo clolors without leaving scars.